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Who are we?

ConSent research is an activity created in 2014 by experts coming from the applied research field and specialized in consumer and sensory studies.

Members of ConSent research are lecturer-researchers and engineers at AGROCAMPUS OUEST, an "Elite public university-level college" and a dynamic research center for life, environmental and food sciences and technologies.

The goal of this start-up company is to develop and reinforce long-term partnerships between academic world and industrial world by providing an innovative solution to industry’s expectations. Wondering how to carry your study out or how to analyze your data? ConSent research is here to bring you’re the appropriate solution!


Why choose us?

4 good reasons!


Our expertise is recognized all around the world and by our peers 


We develop and use innovative methods


We provide you a personalized assistance from the beginning (protocols conception) to the end of your study (data analysis)


We use to really involve ourselves in all the projects we support

Our services

An overview of your study

  • 1 1. Question definition Is the issue of your study consistent?
    Does it lead to a technically feasible study?
  • 2 2. Data collection Is the experimental protocol you wanted to use appropriate?
    Is another methodology more adequate with your objectives?
    It is our practice to use classical or original/innovative methods we developed in part or totally (Napping®, digit-tracking, Ideal profile method, etc.)

    Click below to access one of the last methodologies we developed!
  • 3 3. Data analysis  You need help to analyze your data?

Personalized training course

Depending on your need
In your company / Webinars (virtual classrooms)

Our scopes of work

Consumer goods stimulating the 5 consumer’s senses are our core targets!

  • Food

    You want to develop a product that meets your consumers’ expectations?

    Food products present taste characteristics but also olfactory, auditory, visual and textural ones. All these intrinsic properties define food products as sensory complexes that are difficult to understand and to study. The nature of these products implies experimental and methodological constraints.

    We will help you to consider these barriers for the rest of your study.

Nos domaines d'application
  • Cosmetics

    You want to know the sensory positioning of your product against your competitors’ ones?

    Cosmetic products also have various sensory characteristics and their evaluation implies, for example, to take into consideration the application way in the experimental protocol. How many times and where the consumer shall apply the product?

    We will help you to develop and to realize a study in line with your objectives and to take into account all of these complex issues.

Our team

Our expertise...


Partnerships, workshops, talks all around the world


We are members of famous scientific societies (French Statistical Society, etc.), reviewers for several scientific international reviews (Food Quality and Preference, etc.), members of scientific committees, international conference organizers (MissData in June 2015, Sensometrics in July 2012, CARME in February 2011, etc.

Click bellow to access our books and our publications!

Our students can help you!

Our students (Applied Statistic major of AGROCAMPUS OUEST) can help you carry your study out, as part of their graduation project (2 months, full-time, 3 or 4 students groups)

Our students’ projects have been awarded in the sensory evaluation and consumer studies fields: publications, talks during international conferences, etc.

Click bellow to access an extract of their projects!

Our customers

They rely on our support!

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